Can You Really Use Google Play Credits on Amazon?

Google Play credit are gaining traction nowadays; they may be redeemed, given, and loaded to one’s money owed to be used withinside the atmosphere of Google Play. But, can you operate this stability outdoor of Google Play and in international marketplaces like say, Amazon?

Is a Google Play stability as beneficial as a credit score card in Amazon?  and Can I use google play gift card on amazon? Let’s locate out.


Google Play is a made from Google whilst Amazon is, well, a seperate corporation run via way of means of Jeff Bezos. They are  separate entities, as emphasised on this Google Play Help Forum answer.

The specific query withinside the discussion board issues whether or not Amazon credit score may be transferred to a Google Play store. The reaction is going that Google Play and Amazon are  one of a kind businesses and their credit paintings otherwise and outdoor of every different’s scope.

Notwithstanding the above query, the problem that lies earlier than us has to do with the cappotential to spend at Amazon the usage of Google Play stability.


Yes, you could use your Google Play stability for in-app purchases via an Amazon product. But no, you could’t use it to shop for stuff at, the e-trade webweb page for all of the ordinary bodily objects like books, clothes, electronics, etc.  Sounds confusing? Let’s make clear this for you: Kindle is an ebook reader owned via way of means of Amazon. The Google Play Store has the app that can or might not permit Google Play credit for use to buy e-books.

Anyway, you could down load the Google Play Store app for your Amazon Kindle, down load any apps from the Play store, after which use your Google Play credit to shop for content material for the ones apps: books and such.


Where are you able to take a look at your Amazon virtual credit score stability? Check our Amazon’s internet site below

From the Amazon internet site:

You can take a look at your credit score stability via way of means of clicking “Redeem a present card or promotional code and View Balance” button, seen on each Digital Music element page. 5. After your buy, you could affirm that your credit score became implemented via way of means of checking your order confirmation, so as to be despatched to you via way of means of e-mail.


So, Can I use this one?  You can, yes. But you’ll want to apply the net marketplace locations in which humans trade present playing cards with every different. Its quite easy however takes a bit attempt and the trade might not be for your favor. Depending at the contemporary marketplace demand, you could ought to be given a decrease valuation to your present card.

So, in case you need to trade Google play present card for Amazon present playing cards you may ask your pals on Facebook first, then appearance to the to be had marketplace locations for this.

Can you switch Google Play Credit to Amazon? Not really. Google Play Credit isn’t always forex that may be transferred to Amazon. But right here is what you could do together along with your Google Play Credit with Amazon. The phrases of the Google Play credit are quite a great deal laid out right here. Essentially:

Purchases. They can simplest be used to shop for eligible objects on Google Play. By eligible objects, they will be virtual content material, apps, games, etc.

However, the objects you’re allowed to buy the usage of your Google Play stability depend upon in which you live. If you’re in a member united states of the European Economic Area, you could’t use it to shop for Newsstand subscriptions. Furthermore, you could simplest faucet your Google Play stability for purchases withinside the equal forex, e.g. redeemed present playing cards in USD may be used for USD-primarily based totally content material.

Google Play Balance. You can refill your Google Play stability via way of means of redeeming Google Play present playing cards, virtual present codes, and promo codes. When you redeem a present card or a virtual code, it is going to be pondered for your Google Play stability. To redeem, visit Google Play Store app > Menu  > Redeem > Enter code > Hit Redeem

Usage. The stability isn’t always convertible to coins or different styles of credit score, reloadable, refundable, and transferable in value, besides as allowed.

Expiration. Google present playing cards and credit don’t expire or require fees

As it stands, your Google Play stability is a pockets that you could simply deliver round whilst you are searching for virtual content material on Google Play.

But this buying is simply confined for the time being. Using your Google Play present card on amazon is greater complex than it must be. Your Google Play credit can’t be used to shop for whatever at and different international e-trade webweb sites for that matter. Which is probable due to the fact Google desires to preserve the ones credit inside their personal commercial enterprise universe. Google and Amazon are competition in lots of ways.

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