Affordable Data Recovery

The average computer user has a vague understanding of how their data is stored. They know that this “hard drive” is in the computer and they know where the data is stored. This is the range that applies to most users. A lot of people don’t even know what a hard drive looks like. So they need a best and affordable data recovery service for this problem.

But when you come across data loss, you can quickly find out about hard drives. Not only will you start to understand how difficult your data is, but you will also know how much it can cost to get your data back. At least one day, a customer asks, “Why is it so expensive?” I only pay $ 100 for my hard drive ”. Yes, data recovery can be expensive. My answer is simple. If you’ve got a million dollars safe at $ 50 and you can’t . Data recovery should only be sought when the data value exceeds the recovery value.

Data recovery cost

On average, data recovery companies pay between $ 400 and $ 700 for hard drive recovery purposes. Logical recovery occurs when the file system or partition table becomes corrupted and the data is unusable. It can be caused by conflicts, electrical problems, illnesses, etc. In some cases, physical issues with the driver can lead to this problem. This is especially true if the drive has a weak or insufficient read / write head. Logical recovery can be performed without repairing the drive.


Physical recovery can cost anywhere. It really depends on who you are calling. Physical recovery requires that the hard drive undergo some form of recovery before the actual data recovery process. In most cases, the recovery system will replace the read / write head, adjust electrical equipment, or replace platters. There are a few companies that specialize in this kind of return. But beware, every good company has 50 or more that do bad things.

Data recovery budget

If your current data recovery is not living up to your budget and your data is not up to date, one thing you can do is keep the drive in a safe place. This will give you time to save money so that the laboratory can recover your data. You should find a clinic that offers free testing and gives a good written estimate before you start the recovery process. This way, if the cost is too high, you can recover the drive and you will know exactly how much you need to save after the recovery is complete. If you do not damage the drive or if the drive is stored in the same place while saving for recovery, the risk of recovery will not be reduced.

A reputable company won’t charge you if your information is unrecoverable. This is important to check with the company you are calling. Customers pay dearly for data recovery services and can be caught and have no data even after recovery services are over. Some companies charge between $ 150 and $ 300 for a product, a test fee, a trial fee, or whatever you want, even if the information is non-refundable.

How can you do it yourself?

If you suspect that your hard drive has failed, there are a few things you can try to reduce the cost of sending the drive to a data test center. First of all, if the driver makes any strange clicks, bangs or noises, there is no choice to try for yourself. In such cases, you definitely need a professional data recovery service. It doesn’t matter what you read about putting the player in the freezer or turning it on, whatever you do when it just makes matters worse. If the pilot seems strange, it is best to turn it off immediately.

If the driver sounds good, you can try it on another computer. It could be a cable problem with the motherboard or the computer. Make sure all connections are secure on the hard drive. If you’re not sure what to look for, search the computer for a family member to see if they can help you. If the drive is in an external enclosure, such as a backup hard drive, and is not receiving power, remove the drive from the enclosure. Check for signs of a short circuit. In severe cases, there is a smell of burning electricity. In such cases, you need professional data recovery. In most of today’s hard drives, a damaged circuit board cannot be easily replaced with hard drives. There are special swap files that are stored on multiple chips on the cards, without any access to the data.

If there is no obvious sign of physical damage to the drive, you can search for another computer or hard drive enclosure and try driving inside. This could be the problem with the drive door protecting the driver from the power supply. If you are still having issues, you might need help from a data recovery expert.

Cheap data recovery

Avoid companies that offer low prices. Is the doctor who offers you the lowest price a brain surgeon? In a way, this amounts to data recovery. Consumers don’t know how to recover really difficult data. Some materials are unnecessary and often trick users into doing the process themselves. A YouTube video called Western Digital Head Swap simplifies the process and makes it easier to see, including the ones we have. Our films are not educational.

It is intended to provide users with a detailed description of the process while repairing hard drives for data recovery. There is more data recovery than what can be seen in the video. If your information is relevant and our photos, business information and assets are often valuable, it would be worth hiring a company you trust. You can do this for $ 199. Sometimes the items alone can cost that much.