Advantages of Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world is hair transplant. It can be a frightening experience for men as it can put them through a panic attack and negatively affect their social activities. If you are planning on having a hair transplant, then book yourself in one of the best clinics in Istanbul Turkey. Besides being able to perform the procedure, the surgeons and clinics that are involved in this process will also give you a very happy and prosperous life.

Most of the hair transplant clinics in Istanbul are located in the city. Due to the availability of skilled and experienced surgeons, hair transplant procedures have become very popular in Turkey. In addition, many of the operations performed in private hospitals are carried out under favorable conditions.

The majority of the medical tourists who travel to Turkey and Istanbul for hair transplant operations are from the Middle East, Europe, and the Gulf countries. Due to the increasing number of international medical tourists visiting istanbul, best hair transplant in turkey the city’s medical tourism industry is expected to continue growing.

In terms of hair transplant procedures, Turkey is regarded as one of the top three countries in the world. Istanbul is also known for its world-class clinics that offer hair transplant services at very affordable prices.

Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul Turkey

The cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey and Istanbul can vary depending on the services and reputation of the providers. Aside from the quality of the service, the other factors that affect the cost of a hair transplant are the number of procedures required and the length of the procedure.

The cost of a hair transplant operation at a quality clinic and surgeon is typically between $1,500 to $3,000. On the other hand, a hair transplant operation can be performed with the same level of service for around $10,000 to $15,000 in the UK, US, and other European countries.

The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is higher than that of a standard FUE procedure. In addition, the majority of the packages that are designed for foreigners are priced at around three days. These include accommodation at a variety of quality hotels and a transfer service to the airport.